Read what our clients say about Accountants Advice

‘I didn’t know where to start, what I needed to do or who I needed to talk to. All I had was my business idea.

I spoke to Accountants Advice and they went through everything; what type of business it should be (limited or sole trader), how I should pay myself, what about my car, everything.

It was exactly what I needed when I started out, and now two years on, when I want to talk about something I just drop Bob an email and I get some sensible advice.’


“I got behind on my VAT and was worried the Inland Revenue would go nuts. Accountants Advice contacted them on my behalf and we agreed a payment plan which I had to stick to. We’re now back on track and I’m up to date…”


“When I started out, VAT was a mystery to me. Bob explained it and how to calculate it. I now do them myself and if I get stuck I just give him a shout…”


“Accountants Advice advised me to calucluate my VAT on the flat rate scheme and over the years this has saved me a fortune in VAT.”


“Writing a business plan is a bit of a revelation! We realised we had a lot to do and had to take time out to look at the business as a whole and not just get bogged down in the day to day.”

Business Plans

“I used to spend hours trying to do it and then it wouldn’t add up! Now I just put the invoices in a file and they sort it out and give me the totals. It means I can get on with what I’m good at.”


“I was ok until it came to the year end, then I was a bit worried. I called in and they checked it and did it for me.”


“I was going to buy the software and learn how to do it myself, but these guys do the whole lot for not much more than the cost of the software in the first place, and I know it’s right.”


“I use my car for work and didn’t know how to claim for it. I got some really good advice from Accountants Advice on the best way to claim.”


“They advised me to set up a deposit account and just put the VAT on sales in there to save up for tax bills. Brilliant idea! I’ve always got some money for the VAT and the Corporation Tax and normally there’s a bit left for me!”